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after you perchase xbox live and the little "freind has come online" thing pops up every 5 minutes, even when you aren't on your xbox , you will hear the little noise that come with it inside your head or enywhere you go
dam i got xbox live ghost really bad today, it's following me everywhere.
by danieboy777 May 22, 2009
when you go to high above the cock while masturbating and end up smacking the tip of your penis with your fist
awww man, sausage knocker! X(
by danieboy777 March 24, 2009
An old and very descriptive scouse expression depicting male masturbation.

Like the pouring of vinegar on fish & chips, with the bottle and it's bulbous head pointing down the vinegar bottle is shafted repeatedly in a downwards motion to release a tiny squirt of vinegar on every thrust, much like the male orgasm at the end point in which ejaculation is inevitable, coincidently producing a scrunched up face similar to one that has just sniffed vinegar.
Dave: that wank I had last night was lush
Paul: did your face scrunch up when you started on the vinegar strokes?
Dave: aye, it was like being in a chip shop
by danieboy777 February 01, 2015

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