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5 definitions by daner

is back in Limp Bizkit. What the hell?
Wes Borland was my hero when I was 11.
by daner December 23, 2004
82 41
What you play with when you're stuck on an island with your friend.
David and Ike were stranded on an Island. They were so bored that they played patty-cake.
by Daner August 25, 2005
17 21
the abbreviation that is most commonly used in canadian tire by the warehouse employees, it is added to the end of the name
miker, matter, daner, pauler, daver, beller
by daner February 05, 2005
5 18
Place where everyone stinks, as does the entire state.
California stinks.
by Daner May 04, 2004
87 166
An all-female middle/high school in Westchester. Full of wealthy snobs.
You shouldn't choose to go to Ursuline unless you're a materialistic teenager with no morals.
by daner February 15, 2004
59 160