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a fantastic (and slightly strange) new game played by two people. one person (person A) chooses a word, and the other (person B) chooses a body part of their own. person A proceeds to then lick the letters of the word onto person B's chosen body part. person B has to guess what word was written.
dan "hey bexiliceux! fancy a game of licktionary?"
bex "how bout NO."
by danDEATH December 06, 2004
Dan and Adam's pub. come on down for...zebra-tastic fun!
"ha bra, fancy a bit of LZ?"
by dandeath September 24, 2004
an alternate name for bexiliceux created for no apparent reason.
Scarlett Chechnia, MARRY ME!
by danDEATH December 06, 2004
closhing, simply, describes the process of stamping in puddles.
i walked down the street in the rain, closhing, my trousers getting more and more wet as i proceeded, ague setting in.
by danDEATH December 06, 2004
to be aroused by electrical equipment.
ryan - "man, that hoover gave me a proper rock on!"
by dandeath September 24, 2004

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