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1. paper or documents from a legendary or famous person.

2. paper or documents you wrote for a really long time and it's awesome.

3. a really good drawing that you put all of your life into and it took forever.

4. a book or short story you read that took a long time and has an extraordinary storyline and ending.
1. I just saw the Legendary Paper Julius Caesar wrote.

2. finally i am done with my term Legendary Paper.

3. I am finally done with my Legendary Paper samurai drawing!!!!!!!!

4. I'm done with harry potter 2 it is a Legendary Paper
by dancinboy49 May 21, 2010
parties that popular kids that no one cares about get invited to just to talk about unpopular kids, drink, get high, fuck, and make out because they finally notice that they are jackasses
Unpopular kid 1: popular parties are gay!

Unpopular kid 2: Why?

Unpopular kid 1: Because they are just parties with popular people. And they don't think about inviting regular people.
by dancinboy49 October 15, 2010
a chinese term for sticking a finger inside a girl's vagina
guy 1: why does your middle finger smell wierd?

guy 2: because i just got done hand washing jesse.

guy 1: sweet!
by dancinboy49 August 12, 2010

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