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cheerleading is officially a sport, and where i cheer we are not aloud to wear make up, and we do sweat, we lift weights and people(and yeah they do weigh more than 100) we break backs necks and bones no one ever knew we had. we dedicate most of our lives to cheering, we have to maintain higher than a C average(thats when you try out too) and most after noons are spent in either a not air conditioned gym or 108 degree weather, not aloud to wear shorts shorter than your finger tips and only t-shirts. if your late? you run for 1.5 an hour and do push ups for the next half, or longer until your coach is sick of looking at you and sends you home. water break? yeah right. anorexic not even. all the cheerleaders i know are the most greedy people, EVER. Your not aloud to date the football players. Or basketball players. no talking in line. no suspinsions or detentions or warnings. NOTHING. cheerleading is harder than anyother sport. oh and it last more than a season, ITS A YEAR THING. so before you say cheerleading isnt a sport do it for about a year then see what you think about it.
Cheerleading isn't just jumping around being cute yelling go team go. it envolves dedication and sweat.
by dancer14 August 14, 2009

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