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wow noone thought to put that its a popular type of mint that comes in may flavours, peppermint, spearmint, lemon and toffee. there are more but i only get spearmint usually.
Thought to lower your sperm count
"Polo, the mint with the hole"

joe: hey dan you need to lay of the polos.

dan: how come?

joe: they lower your sperm count.

dan: well it saves me having a vasectomy.
by dan ramP August 11, 2006
word used by weebl from the popular weebl n bob website
a way to show your frustration at something
monkey: i am the monkey and you cant catch me
weebl: yes i can with my handy cannon
monkey: no you cant cos its poorly maintained and filled with gammon
weebl : oh dicksprouts!
by dan ramP October 03, 2006
1.a kickass hidden song at the end of Scissors on Slipknots second album.

2.a depressed donkey
1.meet the man that made me, greet the can i came from, oh, the fucking sacred heart of jesus, blew it in a back room, feelin like a real goon, slam the fuck aside man, IM ON YOU'RE NOT!!

2.eeyore the donkey
by dan ramP October 07, 2006
1. caught red handed

2. being arrested (hehe gta games)

3.the most fuckfaced band in the history of fuckfacedness.
see also mcfly son of dork
ben: did u see that busted fan at download

bill: yer they got chucked in a moshpit for DevilDriver and came out missing a few teeth.
by dan ramP August 12, 2006
sean paul is a rapper who must have a speach impediment cos fuck know wot hes saying.
a taster of sean pauls lyrics:
"Just gimme the light and pass the dro! Buss anotha bokkle a moe
Gal dem inna mi sight and I got to know"

if u call these lyrics please take up train dodging as a job.
by dan ramP August 11, 2006
see also bullshit

the crappest band since busted and listened to by little girls and brainwashed kids who go along with the crowd.
editing this guys (probably a small girl actually) quote shows how stupid mcfly fans are

Person: mcfly are shit.
Editor of pop magazine, or a smart person: They're really cool, everyone likes them. You obviously like stupid music, like a stupid person. I for one, love mcfly, as do all of my co-workers.
person: so your saying i follow everyone else and not choose my own favourite music?
Editor of pop magazine, or a smart person: errrr....welll....
Person: my point is proven, now piss of n suck of your mum
Editor of pop magazine, or a smart person: Ha ive already done tha...oh wait thats not good.....dammmit
by dan ramP August 12, 2006
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