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An adjective describing one who is pro at not getting fucked.
"I've never seen someone so counterprofucktive; he'll never get laid."
by Dan! November 15, 2003
To be able to withstand the negative emotional/mental aspects of the life; includes relationships, friends, family and all drama in general. Best known by La Roux's song of the same name.
"This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof."

"No you won't bitch, you're one hot mess."
by dan! December 05, 2012
When you're so drunk you can't drive, so you stagger through the McDonald's drive-thru on foot
Damn look at this asshole, stumbling through that drive-thru... he got dat McDonald's stagger.
by dan! January 06, 2013
wtfax: when getting bullshitted by some shit cunt on counterstrike, you might say this.

what you might be thinking, they are hacking or what a fucking fluke diol asshole choding hsbs faggot

what the fuckax
mulley gets hs'd by deli threw wall
wtfax tom?
by dAN! June 20, 2004
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