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The reason why extraterrestrial lifeforms will never set foot on this planet.
All the aliens have to do is watch 10 minutes of MTV and decide that there is no intelligent life on Earth.
by dammit September 28, 2003
a gun in counterstrike that people complain about way too much. if you were good enough you would know how to defeat the fucking thing instead of always complaining.
fucking noob awped me again
stop complaining and shoot him nex time. fuck!
by dammit February 17, 2005
A phrase more intense than just saying "dammit". The stripe gives it a higher rank, a supreme dammit.
God damn it with a stripe! What's that smell?
by dammit June 18, 2004
An awesome Japanese show on FOX that features such great events as squirrel fishing, baby racing, and the Shake Hands man.
Banzai is an awesome show.
by dammit May 30, 2004
Swallot a hole stick of butter, then take a sharp ice-icle, and slowly sit on it. it will go so far up your asshole it will pop your stomach open and you're shit out the whole butter stick
Oh...I shat myself on a butter ice-cile
by dammit January 07, 2004

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