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An instance or strategy where you highlight your own faults and/or blunders, before an enemy or nemesis has an opportunity to use it against you...That would be called "8-miling" yourself.
There was a classic scene in the movie "8 mile" where rapper, Eminem, is preparing to battle-rap his opponent. Eminem went first and rapped about all of his own faults that his opponent would've used against him...leaving the opponent speechless.

Mike and Gary are having a classing "beef" session where they highlight each other's faults in a joking matter...

Mike: Son, you are the wackest dude ever...look at your damn shirt...why is it that tight. I know my shirt is tight as well, and my sneakers are dirty...but your shirt is extra-tight...

Gary: Damn...good job 8 miling yourself...I was just about to joke your crusty ass sneakers...good one!
by damadalpha January 30, 2009
A word used to describe a male and/or female who is a jerk, a dick, or a general asshole of a person. Christian Bale has been known to be a dick...from getting into near fistfights with his own Mother, to his recent verbal lashing on the set of the upcoming Terminator movie. Also, many of the roles Christian Bale plays are general dicks...His role in the "American Psycho" movie is his real persona!
Dude, you're totally being a Christian Bale right now. The girl just asked your name. You didn't have to karate chop her in the neck. You're a total Christian Bale.
by damadalpha February 03, 2009
The intense and overwhelming condition of wanting and needing to be one of the first people with each and every new gadget, shoe, hat or device that comes out on the market.
Larry will be one of the guys on-line on June 19 to get his hands on the new iPhone 3Gs. Even though Larry will have to donate blood for 3 weeks in a row to pay for it, his extreme case of Firstitis controls his internal desire.
by damadalpha June 10, 2009
The ratio of thigh to butt on a woman; easily viewable by a visible "crease" between the thigh and butt. The thigh to butt ratio is larger based on the length of the crease.
Steve to Tim: Damn, look at that girl's thigh butt. I would just love to put my hand in that crease...or maybe just swipe my ATM card.
by damadalpha January 30, 2009
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