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3 definitions by daggski

The act of dissing any person, place or thing by a group of two or more people.
Keshia P: Mary is a nasty, ashy hoeee!
Keshia G: Bitch slept with my brother, boyfriend AND neighbour
Keshia A: Whoa chirp fest!
by daggski November 12, 2007
7 1
A word combination of shoulder and acne very similar to b'acne, however sh'acne doesn't limit its self to your back and is known for advancing down the upper arm.
Ughhh i hate math class, i have to sit behind that shrek ogre, you know the one with more sh'acne then shoulder.
by daggski November 12, 2007
3 9
To have a man's penis/ or toy insert up the bum,whether you are in fact a man or not.
(1)Rob: i was gettin' freaky with the chick down the hall, i asked if she would take it like a man .....she said no.
by daggski November 12, 2007
20 36