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v: to dagger
1 hardcore grinding in which a male dry humps a woman from the behind while the woman is on all fours

2 hardcore grinding in which a male dry humps a woman from above while the woman is doing a handstand with her legs spread

3 hardcore grinding in which the mates scissor

4 hardcore grinding in which a female wraps her legs around the male and humps
Latiesha: (humping noises)
by daggermaster October 20, 2011
Lesbians who also happen to play softball.
Announcer #1: The Indianapolis Cuntlickers are coming of a really good season, Tim.

Announcer #2: I agree Bob. They've shown their skills in the past couple games. Their opponents can't match their intensity. The pitching rotation has been outstanding, and their are few to no errors in the field. Hitting could be a point of weakness. Coach Hairitits has taken steps to fill that hole. You can see the time she and the Cuntlickers have put in in the batting cage, and hopefully, it will pay off. However, you have to remember that they're dykes on spikes and nobody really cares.

Announcer #1: I couldn't agree more.
by daggermaster October 21, 2011
verb, slang
a combination of "get some" and "come at me"
used specifically to show how much better you are than other people.

Its also possible to use this phrase in a sexual manner, although rare.
ex. 1: (Tom completely owns Jim in a competition)
Tom: 25-0, that's game
Jim: I wanna rematch
Tom: Get at me faggot

ex. 2: (Billy has a crush on Annie)
Billy: Hey Annie!!
Annie: Do you wanna fuck me or something?
Billy: That'd be fun!
Annie: Whatever, get at me
by daggermaster November 04, 2011

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