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4 definitions by dafylm

A goony* word used to describe Australian Idol's Mark Holden.

*Mark Holdens Jibberish Language
Fan: Mark Holdens a ganket

Mark:Thats the gooniest goo goo I've heard for a while
by dafylm August 29, 2006
Started on various boards and forums, its is a new way to spell the word "boerd" in a less boring way.
Girl 1: I am so bhord..

Girl 2:Me too.. Lyf is bhoring..
by dafylm August 25, 2006
How n00bs say 'hate'.
pRePg@1 says: 1yk d0nt y@ ju5t h8t t#@t b1@tc#???

h0tTy XOX says: y3@ 1yk tt1y!~ w#@t @ w#0r3!
by dafylm August 22, 2006
Girl Bashing Pasher. Used for a guy who hurts his girlfriend.
Jane- hannahs boyf lyk such a gbp!

Louise- yea lyk ttly!
by dafylm August 16, 2006