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5 definitions by dafduc

self-absorbed narcissist.
What a bunch of navelgazers - all they ever talk about is themselves!
by dafduc July 28, 2006
To translate a document badly, i.e., translate the individual words in the document with no sense of the overall meaning.
I can't make sense of these instructions at all. They must have just babelfished them from the original Japanese.
by Dafduc June 21, 2005
Musician unable to understand or use a MIDI interface. MIDI (Musicial Instrument Digital Interface) is a 20+ year old protocol that lets electronic musical instruments talk to each other.
I can't figure out how to use my new controller. I must be a complete midiot.
by Dafduc June 21, 2005
Self-referencing nonsense, particularly in an on-line social situation.
Man, every post in the forum today has been nothing but metadrivel. What a bunch of navelgazers.
by dafduc July 28, 2006
Marijuana, especially a marijuana cigarette.
I'm really hungry. Must have been the put.
by dafduc August 15, 2006