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to have an erection in your pants then proceed to blow a load in them.
That girl was so hot that she gave me a wet tent
by daentourage June 28, 2009
In the act of performing vaginal intercourse, you quickly tear out a chunk of your girlfriend's (or partner's) pubic hair as you finish.
After I pulled out, I gave Rachel a Hot Wax. She screamed in pain after I pulled out 6 strands of hair.
by daentourage June 28, 2009
To ejaculate semen in your partner's mouth, then you sit on their stomach, causing them to blow the semen in the air, much like Shamu the whale
My girlfriend was giving me a B.J. as I came, I jumped on her stomach. She looked like Shamu the Whale.
by daentourage June 28, 2009

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