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A self-defined constitutional "scholar" who claims that the tenth amendment granting authority to state governments, effectively makes all federal laws unconstitutional, or at least ones that he doesn't like.
"Health care isn't mentioned in the constitution, so it must be unconstitutional."

"What about voting rights, product safety codes and the federal highway system?"

"Obama isn't trying to change those, so I suppose they're alright."

"So you're a tenther then."
by daecon August 28, 2009
The alternate reality inhabited by teapartiers and fox news viewers in which the President is an illegal alien and medicare employs death squads to exterminate the elderly.
"So Obama sent the navy to blow up that oil rig so he could stop all offshore drilling."
"Dude, that's straight out of Glenbeckistan. Reality is this way."
by daecon May 19, 2010

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