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6 definitions by dadafari

The product of blood from a penetrated rectum, as generally required from an anus requiring copious amounts of said penetration, likely because of previous endeavours. For a discerning some, an erotic visual stimulant for anal intrusion.
"I am going to fuck that ass until it bleeds. Hot candy."
by dadafari March 11, 2008
13 1
A protrusion of fat on a female that resembles a gut but appears to emanate from below the waist, settle at a point level with the female's ample buttocks, and both obscure and fuse with the genital region. Also referred to as a front-butt or a gunt, but not related in any effect to a pussy-ass, as in pussy-ass bitch, pussy-ass motherfucker, or pussy-assing on the bedspread.
Jesus: I really think people should stop eating when they can't even reach around to wipe their own asses.

Mohammed: Yes, however some actually can reach between their legs and under their junk to wipe their ass, except of course a chick with an ass-pussy.

Jesus: What? Such a blasphemous wipe!
by dadafari March 11, 2008
21 11
An erection one obtains upon learning that an acquaintance has shit in their pants.
Fred Durst: There's one more thing. I get shardons. I get really aroused thinking about boys kind of accidentaly you know.. shitting when they fart.

Dr. Drew: Ok, that's IT. I don't want to help OR know you anymore, Mr. Durst. Get the fuck out of my office! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!
by dadafari October 18, 2009
9 6
A used tampon, generally that which is found through plumbing work, but also can be found anywhere after discard.
I found a sewer mouse in our hiding spot in the park. Someone must have been earning their redwings.
by dadafari December 18, 2008
4 2
A mythical body part which incorporates a penis, and a nail not unlike a fingernail, that grows forth from and over the top of the head of the penis.
Young Dale was sent to the principal's office, and subsequently suspended, for unapologetically drawing a buff claw in art class.
by dadafari January 17, 2010
1 0
A skin condition of the area between one's sphincter and gender-specific anatomy in which very recent hair-removal, by wax or otherwise, and exposure to cool air, leaves the area with a purple hue and exaggerated topography, much like Canadian tundra.
I was going head-on into that the back way, but I had to cancel that hike, with all that Canada's History going on.
by dadafari February 05, 2010
3 8