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2 definitions by dac0811

A vernacular approach to communicating via SMS whereby one, either for the sake of supporting one's image as a hipster or frankly out of shear hubris, employs ridiculous--borderline incomprehensible--spelling shortcuts.
Girl: "Would you please text the neighbor to check on the dog?!"

Boy: "Forget that: she never writes back, and when she does, her SMS-lish drives me crazy."
by dac0811 September 09, 2009
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Anyone who, without reservation and with a supercilious air, thinks it acceptable to not only fish the delicious solid bits of a soup (meant to serve a group of people) from its liquid, but also to do so while holding up, and thereby inconveniencing, the other individuals in the queue.
Boy: "I have time to write this urban DICTIONARY entry, because the pouche making love to the pot of yankee bean has stalled the whole f'ng lunch service."
by dac0811 March 26, 2010
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