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The rerub of a song is a less radical reworking of the original than a remix. A rerub adds new drums, new snare, new percussion, possibly effects. Rerubs are also often shorter than the original song.
David Guetta thought he remixed Cassius's song "Toop Toop" but it's just a freakin rerub. All he did was add some bass.
by daboha October 05, 2011
An MC rapping about how they will teach someone (especially a rival MC) a lesson using a variety of firearms.
"I got 7 Mac 11's
about 8 38s
9 9s
10 Mac 10s
These shits never end
You cant touch my riches
Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches"
(Biggie Smalls, Gun Talk)
by daboha October 03, 2011
Yelling random stuff at people from a moving car at people walking down the street or standing at a bus stop. Always done by hilarious people riding together who think this is the most hilarious thing to do on the face of the earth.
Guy in car drive-by yelling at other guy standing at the bus stop: "Second class citizen!!!!!"
Guy at bus stop (pretends not to notice)
Other passengers in car: "Dude, you're the best, haw haw haw."
by daboha April 15, 2010
A parent who pays your rent.
Charlie is a lucky bastard, he doesn't have to worry about rent. His dad, Frank, is his payrent.
by daboha March 16, 2011

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