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Not a snowball, but it's more like a double snowball. When two people get full loads in their mouths and then snowball each other. It's so intense it's like a nor'easter.
Tom and CJ sucked each other off, held the loads in their mouths and proceeded to make out with each other. The result is a white mess comparable only to raging nor'easters.
by d_leigh September 19, 2008
Blood Party is when you are on ecstasy and a girl menstruates on you.
"Hey did you guys end up going to that blood party last night? I was tripping balls on that X and I still have the taste of period in my mouth. Delicious."
by d_leigh March 26, 2009
The day that marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. A squirrel is taken from its tree and placed in front of an acorn. If the squirrel takes the acorn it means that it is officially fall.
Did you hear that the squirrel took the acorn on Squirrel Day? That means it's OFFICIALLY fall!
by d_leigh August 27, 2010

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