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The newest in a long list of annoying internet acronyms, "idk" has become extraordinarily popular with the 13-year-old lie-about-your-age-to-get-on-MySpace grade school slut crowd.

Commonly seen as a BS response when filling out memes and surveys. Double annoyance points when paired with the equally meaningless "lol."
Last time you dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Idk lol
by d4rk September 19, 2005
A phrase that some idiot came up with. I can understand being proud of your race... but I don't think it's necessary to scream it every chance you get and go on to spell it "aZn pRyDe". Asian people are just like any other race, there are good people and there are bad people... this phrase IS suggestive that all asians are superior to every other race. So superior, in fact, that they have to move to our country because their country is too badass for them... and then act like morons.

Why the hell would you act like such a dipshit? Indeed, people will give you the attention you are no doubt trying to get with this idiocy, but forget getting any respect.

aZn pRyDe foo!!!11, Behold my IGNORANCE
by D4rk September 17, 2005
Right-wing euphemism for "lie." A favorite word of the White House and the conservative media.
Did George W. Bush mislead the American people into war in Iraq?

NO! He flat out fucking LIED!
by d4rk November 21, 2005
A portmanteau of "cry" and "iPod" - that is, something that can cry for hours and hours very loudly without stopping, specifically a baby or small child.
"Did you see the lady with the obnoxious crypod in the store? That thing never shut up!"
by d4rk May 10, 2006
One of the few slums left on Chicago's otherwise nice North Side. Pedestrians here are often "gooned" (randomly beaten) while walking down the street, dilapidated tenements line the 'L' tracks and Morse Avenue is a notorious open-air drug market. In fact, Rogers Park is so hoodish that its criminal atmosphere seeps into south Evanston, immediately past Howard Street to the north.

Typical inhabitants include drug dealers, thugs, homeless people and annoying, pretentious hipsters who would rather listen to a gunshot lullaby every night than live in a nice neighborhood like Lincoln Park or Lakeview.
Humboldt Park and Uptown may be crappy North Side neighborhoods, but Rogers Park takes the cake.

Rogers Park is the Englewood of the North Side.
by d4rk August 19, 2007
The 2 inch man in their pants.
asian guy: omg dude my azn rage is like HUGE!
other guy: lol @ 2 inches
by D4rk January 01, 2006
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