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2 definitions by d3v10us

A loop in which a person has begun due to sitting around on their balls. A person will become more depressed because they are sitting around not doing anything which then further leads to depression.
Friend:"Hey man, you want to go to the bar?"
Me:"Na dude, I dont feel like doing anything."
Friend:"Man, your on a perpetual ball sit."
Me:"I know."
by D3v10uS May 31, 2010
Adjective: When any type of event whether contextual, physical or sometimes emotional is done so well, that no one can improve upon your execution of said event. It has then been performed "Legit Style".
Dude: "Have you seen the news today?"

Other Dude: "Yeah man, Seal team 6 pwned Osama Bin Laden legit style."
by d3v10us May 07, 2011