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1 definition by d0n7b3h473Rz

A London highschool, everyone seems to want to go to but its in such a bad hood, emo's and goths are known best here because of the arts program we have.
theres a fight daily over drugs or girls.
its downtown and infront of a meth clinc and behind the school is a man's homeless shelter.
girl:hey did you see those crackheads steal that bike from that girl in our math class today?

girl2:yeah thank god he got jumped, Nick Finleey stole all his chron to

girl:oh yeah i heard that one guy in our gym class beat him good with his boys.

h b beal dont send your kids there.

boy:man guys stop being so loud, dont want the teachers to know gez, n00bz.
by d0n7b3h473Rz March 05, 2008