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a guy that loves Star Trek, specifically klingons. usually enjoys online fansites related as such. (and sometimes Disney games) spends most of his time online in front of the computer and doesn't get out much.
Man, that guy sure is a Batleth!
by d0ctor February 27, 2011
When someone's mouth has been used so much is represents a large, flappy vagina. Picture two pieces of sliced turkey. Flapping everywhere. Getting gravy all over your mouth. vaginamouth.
Wow, that girl sure has a vaginamouth...
by d0ctor June 22, 2011
A oreo cookie. Likes glasses and one-word answers. If you encounter such a person (or cookie) step away slowly, make no sound, and under ALL circumstances, do NOT make eye contact.
MLKnCookies is one hot son of a bitch...in a cookie sorta way!
by d0ctor July 25, 2010

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