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Can be used to describe something that is either really good or really bad.
We went on a road trip last weekend; it was penises man!

I hate work. It's PENISES!
by D-lo June 06, 2003
A vehicle of poor condition that teenagers use which usually belongs to their mom.
"Dude, that chick's car sucks."
"Yeah, she thinks shes all cool sporting her mama's hoopty wagon"
by D-Lo March 12, 2005
Gang in southend, running tings.
yo dem polpaks r big innit.
by d-lo March 29, 2005
what i say to my hoody cuz she can swish dat swat all da swish swatting time.
"hey deli, swish dat swat!"
by d-lo March 01, 2005
you eat pussy me and my boy originated it in 2003 on some bullshit
get yo hair full of face ass out of here
by D-lo January 25, 2005

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