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To facillitate the appearance of success and/or achievement.
"Mike and Jenny down the street have a new car, house and good career, they really have got their shit together."
by d-harrell October 19, 2003
When a married couple from California get divorced, but still have sex with each other.
Jim and Janes terms of their "California Divorce" include Jim paying alimony, child support and sleeping with jane on the weekends.
by d-harrell October 19, 2003
Stealing money from your dad's wallet or pants pocket while he is drunk and passed out
Me and my brother decided that we need money for the video arcade, so we start rollin pops after he comes back from the tavern and passes out on the couch.
by d-harrell October 19, 2003
A neighborhood or business climate that facilitates extensive amounts of poverty, crime, lack of education and joblessness.
(1) Since the thugs got out of jail, the mall they be hangin in is ghetto up.
(2) Our hood used to be nice, but since the police left, it's ghetto up.
by d-harrell October 19, 2003
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