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When a man wears shoes that are so feminite, that they require a maxipad attached just incase his feet start a period. If these shoes were any more lady like, he would most likely have a purse and earrings to match it.
Matt, those are some crazy maxishoes. Did you buy those on that infocommercial on oxygen?
by D Flo June 17, 2011
A co worker who is working on an unattainable project, but won't give up on it. He/she is wrestling with a forbidden area.
Glenn, you are being a Chicken Eye Wrestler. Ozone won't work, you need to let it go.
by d flo October 09, 2008
Like the movie, hunt for red october, when a person goes missing or non responsive but during a business deal.
Bud: "Hey McCallister, call Bill and see where we are at in the decision process."

McCallister: "Bud, you are seriously wacked. I can't get a hold of him because he went red october after the meeting where we said he didn't have the signing power."

Bud: "True."
by D Flo July 02, 2011
The act of a group of people dispersing quickly in random directions when:
1. Someone shows up that no one wants to talk to.
2. Someone in the group lets a horrendous fart at a bar.
3. In a business situation where negotiations goes wrong and the client runs.
1. Oh snap! Here comes Rod, let's yaba daba doo before he comes over here and starts doing impressions.

2. Damn Grant! Did you just crop dust us! Yaba daba doo!

3. What's up Bud?..if don't come to terms on this contract today, the client is going to yaba daba doo.
by D Flo July 01, 2011
Taking a horribly smelly dump and leaving the scene for everyone else to enjoy. 3C is the airplane seat located furthest from the toilet or the safest smell point.
I was going to the bathroom and this fool come running out. I realized he 3C'd the place, so left and waited until we landed.
by D Flo July 28, 2008
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