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When a young man attempting to impress females flaunts his abilities to consume large amounts of alcohol all while displaying his strength and vocal abilities.

Young male gorillas in the zoo commonly display monkey mania in their pursuit to mate.

Other examples of monkey mania can be seen in freshman College males at their first college party.
cutty 1- Bro did you hear Dtrain went monkey mania up in tahoe last week?

cutty 2- yeah bro i hreard he shattered a window with his elbow, smashed a door down, smoked a pack and shot gunned like ten brews.

cutty 1- yeah bro and he didnt even get any punanny
#monkey #mania #ape shit #ape #nanners
by d@t_N1gg4_j1G$ August 11, 2009
any sort of carrying bag used for carrying alcoholic beverages
man 1: nigga you can't carry that 30 pack
man 2: na just chill nigga i'm throwin that up in the dummy pack that way we don't get hit by the nigga be chill stick
#nigga #beer #alcohol #backpack #beverages #nigga be chill stick
by d@t_N1gg4_j1G$ August 10, 2009
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