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a bright blue bear body, with a pink octopuss for a head that makes a loud "scary" noise when you squeeze his tummy!
Gavin: did you bring octopussy man ?
Togsy: hes in my finding nemo backpack! =D
Gavin: cool, i got my curious georges in my spiderman backpack!
*both puts a thumbs up in each others faces*
by d= January 25, 2008
rolling on floor laughing my ass off while drinking coke = roflmaowdc
gavin: im drinking coke! amuse me...
togsy: okay, knock knock
gavin: whos there
togsy: bare
gavin: bare who?
togsy: bare bum!!
both: hahahaha roflmaowdc
by d= January 25, 2008
when two or more people are on the phone together watching a solar/lunar eclipse.
Togsy(on phone): woah the moon is orange!
Gavin(on phone): dude yeah i see!
both(on phone): same moon same time!
by d= January 25, 2008
when you see an emo blurt out funnybones emo! its supposedly amusing
random eshlass: funnybones emo!
togsy and gavin: roflmaowdc!
by d= January 25, 2008
fartay is when one expels gas from ones rear end (a fart)
gavin: ewwwww you fartayed
togsy: no, that was goliath!
both: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwies! *shuffles away from goliath*
by d= January 25, 2008
someone who flirts with other peoples boyfriends/girlfriends
togsy: omg! suzie was totally flirtaying with my boyfriend
gavin: OMG!!! what a flirtaytious whore!!
by d= January 25, 2008

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