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1. Anyone who is an official student at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC.

2. The mascot of Livingstone College
You know you want to be a blue bear, but you can't, cuz you ain't got no blue!
by Saturn's Problem Child February 15, 2008
10 8
Kind, sweet natured and has the patience of a saint. Found in DB galleries and the City of Angle.com ~ the deffinative source for the WB show ANGEL!
"Why can't I post filth and porn" ~ Citizen
"Because it's wrong" ~ BB
by The Mighty Wrath August 23, 2003
2 1
You don't like broccoli and cheese.Unlike green bear which you can also find in the Urb Dict.
Clay Schools
by The man with a plan August 28, 2003
2 19