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seen = "oh i see"
pimp: "you better have my money bitch!"
skank hoe: "you know i got your money but i left it at the crack house"
pimp: "oh seen"
by Cypher October 13, 2003
I Like Big Tits
"See that shibby ilbt chick?
by Cypher November 21, 2002
Stupid Kid Reaching Every Ass Reaming Nigger 9
skrearn9 does wack phone pranks that he thinks are funny, but no one else laughs most of the time.
by cypher September 26, 2004
a fag in a bag
you aint nothin but a phiya
by cypher September 04, 2003
3rd level of ownage. see bwn
Damn Cypher isn't the ownage @ halo, hes the BWNAGE!
by Cypher April 15, 2004
Long Beach Crip
Snoop Dogg is in LBC, gang from Long Beach
by cypher June 21, 2003
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