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'''psy-pants chilly'''

Psy-pants nights are frequented by sickly hippy folk that need there smiles ripping off there self-righteous, smelly faces. Everyone is that horribly nice and friendly it generally makes normal people want to scrape their own skin off their face in pure frustration at how stupid the whole thing is.
psy-panters can be spotted by their complete and utter friendliness to anyone ever. in fact they will happily suck your dick if you asked nicely(or gave them a pill)
psy-gay folk can be spotted by their foolish attire,sporting allkinds of homo-erotic beads,neon stupidness and other psy-wank campness(as long as its bright and gay your in the club)
Psy-pants listeners are usually that horrendously druggedup to their eye-balls they can hardly hear anything anyway, good job then as the whole genre is based around the same tune.If you ever decide to venture into a psy-twat rave, be careful, you might come out a moron.
Jimbo-'Hey shall we go to that stupid psy-pants rave?'
Bill-'Nah im not a useless hippy piece of shit, sorry mate'
by cynicalCunt March 26, 2007

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