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Niggardly is said to be the mispronounced origin of the word Nigger or Niggard. Niggard is a very old word. The English meaning is “miser” or “stingy person.” Americans often mistakenly assume it is a variant on the most common insulting term for “African-American.”

The Spanish or Portuguese Negro meaning black or dark seem to be misspoken or misused to insult blacks and black slaves; some Irish where referred to as niggers too during those days.

So you see the term referred to salves or people that were not producing enough work according to the task master. The person that was not working hard enough was said to be a niggard or niggardly in his work habits.

Southerners back in slavery times and later where not the brightest stars in the sky when it came to their native language English; they either mispronounced the word or used it with intent to heap further abuse upon a people they considered not human and derive more work from them. A great number where worked to death.

Sad to say many black today do not know the origin of the term. They too misused it.
Old English

The Niggard only gave us 3 pence for that work!

I’m tried; I’m going to be niggardly about my work today.


Let that Niggard/Nigger know he got to work harder.

Hey nigger what up!
by cyberanger November 17, 2006
Grooving or to Groove was an early Black expression for good sex or having sex.
Grooving or Groovy is now used to express a good feeling.

Lot of these expressions such as Rocking, Rolling, Rocking and Rolling, Digging, Beating it, and Creaming are just a few sexual expressions used by early jazz musicians to compliment a fellow musician.
Man I was Grooving last night! I had her climbing the walls!

Man you where Grooving on those drums last night!

I see why you are smiling; you and that girl was Grooving all night

Hey, I can’t do wrong I’m in the Groove!
by cyberanger November 16, 2006
Early Black slang for sex. Later used to express the type of dancing that was done in the 30's, 40's and 50's that was said to simulate the sexual act.
We where not just rockin last night we where rockin amd rolling.

They're rockin and rolling on the dance floor.
by cyberanger November 16, 2006
Bling did not originate with Rappers; it started with the flappers of the roaring 20’s.

It was said that Bling or Bling-Bling- is the sound that fake shiny jewelry make compared to that of real jewelry that would make the sound of Cling or Cling-Cling.
20’s expression

Who does she think she is wearing that bling?

Her fake jewelry it’s bling bling not cling cling.
by cyberanger November 17, 2006

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