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Moshers are people that listen to GOOD music, from bands such as trivium, system of a down, slipknot etc.
Moshers hate chavs.
Moshers are usually friendly people.
Moshers are not usually trouble makers, but wud defend themselves if started upon.
Moshers do take showers/baths like every1 else.
Moshers enjoy going to gigs and taking part in mosh pits.

mosher#1: hey dude
mosher#2: hey, u got the new SOAD album
mosher#1: yeh, it rocks!
chav#1:ooooo look a buch of fu**in goths
mosher#3: were not goths! piss off!
chav#5: ur a bunch of nob's, dats wot u r.
chav#1: u startin dickhead!
chav#2: GET 'EM!
chavs start fight...............moshers batter chavs.................
by cuz58 January 15, 2007
Your stereotypical (metal) head is some1 who is strong minded and physically tough, however this varies from person to person. A (metal) head listens 2 (heavy metal) bands ranging from (black sabbath) to (pantera).Metal heads can be seen with long hair or shaved heads. Metal heads USUALLY dont listen to nu metal bands such as (slipknot) or (system of a down). A metal head usually wears jeans, leather boots and a leather jacket, accompanied by collars with spikes/band names/logos on. Metal heads despise (chavs)/(emo's) and even tho metal heads are usually quiet people that just mind their own business they will happily defend themselves, and a small group of tru metal heads cud easily over power a large group of (chavs)/(emo's). Metal heads are known for having short tempers, however ofcourse this isnt always the case.
chav#1: oi! nobhead, u startin?
metal head: *ignores*
chav#2: fu**in goth!
metal head: im not a goth!! *SMACK*
chavs get owned!
metal head walks away.
by cuz58 January 15, 2007

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