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Typically a MALE OR FEMALE that only gets into relationships with others for material things, not love. Most of the time, this person will want to marry the other person as soon as possible. They will also try to make them spend their spouse's money on clothing, jewelry and other material things. A lot of men and women marry celebrities for the money. A lot of old rich men (most of the time Caucasian) marry young and selfish women.
Wife: Girl, I knew that marrying him was the right choice. That old fart doesn't the real reason I married him.
Girl: Does he take you shopping?
Wife: You know it. Yeah, so you want to help me kill him?
Girl: If I can take half of the money? You know, because we are fellow gold diggers?
Wife: Yeah, sure.
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
a selfish oaf
Thieves are assholes!
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
1) A female ingrate who doesn't deserve shit
2) A female dog
3) The act of being an ingrate who doesn't deserve shit
1) Dude, Your wife is such a bitch
2) My dog, lucky, is a bitch
3)Robert, stop bitching, god damn it!
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
A fat fuck who should have died a long time ago. Dissing Ja Rule? You wish you had the talent! Everyone, let's hate on him!
A nasty bitch hole is another word for Assholes Inc.
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
The fact that you sons of bitches are talking about black people is really a mockery, speaking of the fact that we are all of African descent. As a black girl, I am currently getting my education at a school that has mostly white people, I have thick, long, curly hair, I attend THREE advanced classes during my school day, I don't like watermelons, and I am proper. There are white women with no ass and a square-shaped body. They sometimes have short, thin, nappy hair, and they most of the time can't dance. Think about that for a change.
Black people somewhat like me: Obama, Oprah Winfrey
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
When you think of black people, what do you think of? Do you think of someone who steals from your home, speaks improper grammar and relies on well-fare? Well, you obviously don't see us as people, you see us as thieves. White people have stolen the most out of all of the races. Sure, the ghetto makes us look bad, but not all of us live in the ghetto. Heck, Eminem lived in the slums, and he is white! None of you white people try to think of that, do you? So many people discriminate against us, even other blacks. Fuck all of you racists
Racist: I hate black people.
Racist 2: I know, I hate how they always eat chicken and drink kool-aid.
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012

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