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language used by black pplz, dat many whites dont kno jack 'bout. Mainly don by aneone who can actually speak it. don't consist of fo' shizzle my nizzle, or ane words wit an izzle. We is not ignant cuz we do speak prper english, betta den most ppl, get ur facts straight, u dag on wiggas, dammit!! U Jus HATIN on us cuz u wanna be us, but chile, you cant do it, u caint
real ebonics: nigga watchu doin', wat it look lyk nigga im dryin my money ( ATL)

dat mess is narsty
dats mad grimy

not real: Wat Up?
dis is of da hizzle fo shizzle
( dats sum crap)
by cuntryladee123 September 27, 2006

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