2 definitions by cunt-tard

A cute little word that aussies, brits, kiwis and south african people use to describe Americans...on the internet.

You rarly hear this term used to the face of an American in a real life situation because Americans are intimidating to faggy little euro-twats and southern hemisphere kangaroo fuckers.

Some take offence to the word for some reason...
E-english person: Yestah'day I fooked dis goffik bird an den i Came in er' air'! iT was propah mint.
E-engish person #2: Dats gr8 m8! I waz down at mc Donalds an i told dis mosha to get an aircut! den I add a wank in da baff-room.
E-American/ yank: What the fuck is wrong with your country?
by CUNT-TARD November 29, 2005
A city that has alot of dog shit all over the street.

Paris is a beautiful city but they really need to clean up all that dog shit...
by cunt-tard November 29, 2005

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