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A way to say "cool" or "b****in" adapted from a saying from Mean Girls by Gretchen. "That is so fetch."
Lady Gaga: That is sooooo fetch.
Ke$ha: Stop trying to make "Fetch" happen, Gaga
Lady Gaga: You're just not fetchin enough to appreciate it.
by cucumber27 November 22, 2010
Another word for "panties" used by people who don't like to use the word "panties."
"Stop trying to look at my fancy trousers!"
"Don't get your fancy trousers in a wad."
"Why'd you leave your fancy trousers on the floor?"
by Cucumber27 September 25, 2011
A word Bum-sik-el that basically means "crap" or "darn" or any word in similarity.
My bowling ball went into the gutter. "BUMSICLE!"
by Cucumber27 September 25, 2011

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