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n. a mobile phone without a full QWERTY keyboard.

Unlike a dumb phone, the decimal phone can have any number of advanced features but simply lacks the (crucial) above-mentioned I/O device.
Thomas: How come you never reply to my text messages?

Percy: I've still got a decimal phone and it sucks for texting!
by ctrlU March 24, 2011
v. To remove a thread's originator from the active conversation, sometimes completely changing the subject.
This thread started out as a post about my cat and now you people are arguing about French cinema. I hate it when you texclude me.
by ctrlU March 17, 2011
I Laughed Hard At That / This /Those
Thomas: Did you see that video with the dancing monkey?

Percy: ILHAT
by ctrlU January 27, 2011
n. The result of combining all the containers of different leftovers from a big Chinese take-out order into one pan and re-heating.

Usually results in a very tasty but unidentifiable mystery dish.

Can also be applied to Thai food (i.e. Thai Rerun)
You: What's for dinner?
Me: Chinese Rerun
You: Mmmmmm!
by ctrlU January 16, 2012
vegma deposited and dried onto a toilet seat
Jan's house is disgusting, from the rotten stuff in the fridge to the minge crust in the bathroom.
by ctrlU September 06, 2011
v. to edit a finished Tweet or SMS text message with the goal of reducing the content to 140 characters or less.

cont.: "text" and "whittle".
1. Conversational:

Bill: Are you still sending that text message? What's taking so long?
Sam: I have to t'whittle it.

2. The message:

Good Morning! I saw you last night but didn't get a chance to say "Hi!" I hope your trip was successful and that you'll be joining us this Saturday at Phil and Jenny's place after the kids finish their rehearsal.

is t'whittled to become:

G'morning! Saw you last night from afar, hope your trip was good. We're @ Phil and Jenny's this Sat. after rehearsal, you?
by ctrlU November 11, 2011
a skinny person's new-found preference after discovering the mind-blowing superiority of plus-sized sex partners.
Al: That girl is so hot, is that fat guy her brother?
Bob: Nah, that's her boyfriend, she's got Chunkle Fever


Richard: Check the giant booty on that one!
Wayne: Aw yeah...
Richard: Bro, you got Chunkle Fever
by ctrlU May 27, 2012

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