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When in a strip club getting a lap dance, you ensure you have a cotton ball on the tip of the penis. If you happen to explode in your pants, you take the soiled cotton ball out of your pants and slap it on her cheek.
As we were finishing up a fantastic lap dance, I proceeded to cottonronbone her. She, in suprise, was honered by the event.
by cskIcemancsk July 29, 2009
When you are with a female and you are giving her oral and you realize that she would rather rub one off herself. You proceed to allow her to rub one off while you extend your thumb and stick it in the vagina while she is rubbing so that you can feel all the goodness during her orgasm.
As I was giving my girl oral, I realized that she would prefer The Hitchhiker so I proceeded to give her a thumb up for joy.
by cskIcemancsk July 29, 2009

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