4 definitions by cruxk

Agent: 1c3c0ld defines a person, a virtual person who is a hacker, an ethical hacker.
This particular word, is personified and taken as the hacker himself.
Agent: 1c3c0ld rooted the boX !
by cruxk August 23, 2011
Thats so lame,shut up.
What? You scored FULL ON in Physics? BaiGan....stop kiddin'.
by cruxk August 23, 2011
a techie word to abuse a person.

meaninG "his/her mother's"
uSchema_key() ..how can that &^(* do that ?
by cruxk August 23, 2011

- no comparison
My soccer team is a Zyfus!
by cruxk July 22, 2011

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