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when a man cums over someone else(s)'s face.
i answered the door wearing only a lace baby-doll. he took one look at my huge breasts, and pushed me onto the ground. i unbuttoned his pants and began to suck his dick while he ate me out. finaly i couldn't take it and i shoved his dick into me. he started pumping as fast as he could go and i screamed in pleasure. after i had orgasmed he pulled out and gave me a facial.
by crowg May 02, 2007
1)the best thing in the world.
2)inserting a man's dick into a genital hole of another. most commonly the pussy of a woman or the anus of another man.
He stuck it in me hard. I swear, that sex last night was the best ever!
by crowg May 02, 2007

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