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a tornado on fucking fire.
holy shit look at that firenado
by croppers May 30, 2010
u mirin?

ye u mirin
by croppers September 28, 2011
An amazing song by the amazing musician Jason Mraz.
Guy1: Hey, what are you listening to?
Guy2: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
Guy1: Awesome.
by croppers July 16, 2011
One who thinks falsely believes that being a cynic makes you an intellectual.

Fun fact:
Most people become Cynillectuals in adolescence.
Donald recently became an atheist. Now he tells everyone about it whenever he gets the chance. What a Cynillectual!
by croppers June 14, 2011
The kind of assholes who always have to have the last word in an argument, no matter what, in order to preserve their self esteem.

They will usually try to change the subject once they know that they've lost.
normal person: "okay dude shut up this is serious"

last word nazi: "don't tell me what to do."

normal person: "why couldn't you just say 'okay fine' like a normal person?"
by croppers May 26, 2010
When you use portals in a clever way.
you: "I put two portals in a hallway and fucked myself."

me: "Now you're thinking with portals!"
by croppers April 25, 2010
A punch.
When bitches be tripping, you give them a closed fist slap.
by croppers July 30, 2011

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