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when a guy hooks up with a random girl that plays rugby and gets his tiny weiner sucked in a room with a glass door allowing any wandering perverts to watch
Pulling a Jaison is not subtle and usually involves girly noises from the guy. Also, it is randomly disturbed by various people walking in the room.
guy 1: ooooooooo ahhh

guy outside glass door: woow sounds like that guy is pulling a jaison

guy: lets pull a jaison!
girl: OH! its so small and skinny !
by cronos19 May 26, 2010
When someone projects vomit onto another ones stairs or other common walkway in a house.
Usually occurs after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
Makes a huge mess to be cleaned up by the stair-owner but creates a great story to be told the following day.
guy 1: Omg that was an awesome party last night
guy 2: ya, except Kyle kept pulling a Dave all night!

girl: "Wow, that guy is pulling a Dave!"
guy: "Haha, that is huge!"
girl: "Braeden isnt going to be very happy to clean up that mountain of puke."
by cronos19 May 24, 2010

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