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When a fellow tv viewer throws the remote to an unsuspecting couch partner who is relaxing, and intentionally hits him directly in the nuts. Usually the person with the remote asks a question referring to or containing the word Bangkok, but remote-to-balls contact must be achieved as the the word "BANGKOK" is uttered.
First time: "Have you ever been to Bang cock?" Now you have.
Second time: "Remember when you went to Bang cock?
Third time: "It's been a long time since you've been to Bang cock"
#cock #bangkok #bang #balls #remote #bangcock #dick #nuts
by cro-magnum January 05, 2009
an employee of a supermarket or major retail outlet that collects shopping carts from the parking lot.
I'm glad I'm not working at Ralph's as a cart jockey, those guys must hate their life!
#kart jockey #bag boy #cart hopper #cart pusher #loser
by cro-magnum June 29, 2009
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