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Used to express anger toward something that happened .

From "House of 1000 Corpses" (movie by Rob Zombie) , in this dialogue Baby (Sheri Moon) is making a move on the bespectacled nerd :

-It ain't past my bedtime
-Are you flirting with me?
-What? Oh, no.
(horn beeping)
-Great! They're back.
-Whoppie-fucking-do.(Baby is pissed of because the guys turns his back on her)

by Criniti April 26, 2008
Gentlemen or gentleman.It remains the same for both the singular and plural forms. An informal variation found in comic books such as Wolverine ; I've just encountered it in writing so far.
For ladies and gentlemen you would have: "Laydeez and gennulmun".
by criniti December 25, 2009
A brothel, a whorehouse.
From Wolverine n. 2 1988:

"So here I am, middle of the flamin' night, cruisin' this fleapit joyhouse, tryin' to spot a scent I barely remember...
by criniti December 22, 2009

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