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3 definitions by creative thinker

When one is thought to become an old person with a crazy amount of cats. Someone that will become a lonely person. Usually used to insult. but it is also used in alot of other scenarios, such as the word "Douche-bag" or "Fag".
Wow she is mean, what a clootch.

She is socially awkward and a bitch, what a clootch.
by Creative Thinker January 10, 2014
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the act of cumming on to your partners back.
reason for the name: cum is white and white is the sign for peace. and when you ejaculate on to your partner back, like a cape.
i gave that chick and hug peace cape the other night
by creative thinker April 27, 2011
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when you put your dick in between your partners ass cheeks and push the ass together.
i hotdoged (hotdoin') that bitch last night.
by creative thinker April 27, 2011
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