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noun: An urge to defend, affirm, or reinforce either one's own maturity or one's own heterosexuality, if not both one's own maturity and heterosexuality. Douchebaggery (as pertaining to the reinforcing of one's heterosexuality) is most often found in heterosexual males or in the closet homosexuals. High-class or wealthy individuals, sometimes known to be preppy, or in some cases an emotionally ravished emo, may demonstrate this quality whereby reinforcing their own maturity.
The in the closet homosexual was irritated by the douchebaggery of his guido friends around him, having to listen to and watch the guidos obsess over every attractive woman they see.


The douchebaggery of the emo kid caused all his peers to leave him and go to the theme park to have a good time.
by crazyted July 02, 2006

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