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3 definitions by crazyiind0lence

great show in canada, but when it EVER airs in the US, a lot of things are cut out. also, the network that airs it in the US delays the episodes by what seems like YEARS.
manny had an abortion and they didn`t show us! wtf.
by crazyiind0lence December 23, 2004
stupid network that delays it`s best franchise ''degrassi'' by having really long breaks that annoy it`s viewers. and editing way to much. manny was pregnant and they didn`t show us the abortion episode!
having half-way through the season finales. like 'back in black'.
by crazyiind0lence December 21, 2004
a man male with female tendencies
ryan seacrest: the original
by crazyiind0lence December 23, 2004