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Probably the only character in twilight that makes watching/reading the movies/books worth it. She's extremely hot as Ashley Greene and really puts sex appeal into the movie. She has spiky black hair, pale skin, lovely eyes,and a really beautiful face and kissable lips. She's probably a huge fan of Teen Vogue with her apparent fashion obsession, and likes to steal yellow Porche-es. She IS often accused of being bisexual by many fans though it never actually says this. She has a bf named Jasper who can alter peoples emotions. Alice is very hyper and short and likes to hug people. She'd probably make a great gf if she were real, being a sparkely vampire o not. She's the only vampire that would look GOOD sparkling anyways.
I only watched New Moon to see Alice Cullen. God, she's hot!
by crazyfangirllll December 25, 2010
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