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When you open your mouth to speak, you have no control over what comes out. But you can bet it will be something stupid.
Chas: "I halfway partly sometimes almost always never really almost kinda don't have Turridiot's Syndrome."
Brandy: "You're a dolt."
Chas: "Don't harsh on me! I have a Synonym. Syndome. Syntax. Syndrome. Something."
Brandy: "Idiot."
#stupid #idiot #syndrome #harsh #mouth
by crashlanta April 09, 2011
Busted. From the sound a guitar string makes when it snaps.
Dude 1: "Dude, your car is twyaer."
Dude 2: "Dude, I know. I hit a water buffalo."


Will: "Dad my bike is all twyaer."
Dad: "Go do your homework."
#broken #out-of-order #beat up #twaer #shagnasty
by crashlanta May 09, 2011
past participle of MILF.
After one crests the apex of "Like To", one graduates to "Did".
Mother I FFuckED. Miffed.
Blake's friend: "Blake, Your mom's a MILF"
Blake's other friend: "Miffed that."
Blake: "Screw you guys."
#mom #inappropriate #sex #halo #milf
by crashlanta October 26, 2011
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